March 5th, 2017 Minutes

1. Call to Order by VP Stevie Medina at 6:00PM

2. Roll Call

a. Alan Medina, Loretta Medina, Misty Gomez, Corey Gomez, Stevie Medina, Kerry Medina

3. Board Positions: Discussion of positions needing to be filled. President, Secretary, and Concession Stand

Manager will be placed on Facebook in an attempt to seek applicants.

4. Fundraising/Raffle: First raffle will be 2 Ruger 10/22's. First prize will be rifle and a box of shells, second

place is a rifle only. Tickets will be $10.00 each with a maximum of 200 being sold. Raffle will be as soon as

all tickets are sold. Motion by Kerry Medina, second by Corey Gomez. Motion Passed; none opposed.

5. Budget/Financials/Bank Account: Tricia to stay on banking account and debit card.

Motion by Misty Gomez, second by Kerry Medina. Motion Passed; none opposed.

a. Ernie Brown to be removed from banking account. Motion by Misty Gomez, second by Corey Gomez.

Motion Passed; none opposed

6. Junior Baseball and Softball: We will have kids fill out registration form to see if there will be enough to

make teams. Possibility of a max 10% scholarships per total of registrations. Scholarship grantee's would

need to turn in an essay as to why they are in need plus work in concession stand, etc. Motion by Kerry

Medina, second by Corey Gomez. Motion Passed; none opposed.

7. A booth will be set up at the Elks basketball gmaes starting on March 11th and every weekend thereafter

until basketball season is over. We need to give registration forms to both Raton and Trinidad Schools.

8. Federal Tax return tabled until next meeting.

9. Board members will be present during the City Commission meeting on March 14th at 6PM for the MOU


10. $125/background check through little league. Several Board members already have filled out


11. Adjournment

#Minutes #BoardMeetings

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