Current Financials

We have had questions about the financials. We will be upfront in saying that we currently don't have all the info from the previous years of financial records as we are still dealing with some transition woes from one administration to another. That aside, we can give you the big picture.

2016 Beginning balance was $ 5,424.16

2016 Income was $31,903.41

Total for 2016 $37,327.57

Expenditure for 2016 was $35,929.24

Remaining balance $ 1,398.33

Again, we do not know every transaction made at this point as the current administration doesn't have access to the current accounts, but know our heart is to run a transparent non profit organization. We ask for a little grace as we get our feet firmly on the ground for the 2017 season.

Thanks in advance.

Your 2017 Board


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