March 13th Meeting Minutes

Present: Kerry Medina, Mike Ortega, Loretta Medina, Alan Medina, Josh Wood, Misty Gomez, Corey Gomez, David Martinez

1. Call to Order by Misty Gomez @ 6PM

2. Board Positions Tabled until next meeting.

3. Fund raising; Josh Wood to make tickets for raffle of guns for board members to sell

4. Financials- Loretta explained finance records. Discussion was made on how to close the account.

5. Junior league baseball and softball registration handed out per Corey and Misty at Elk's Basketball

game with some interest.

6. Registration; Around 75 were handed out at the elks basketball games on Saturday, March 11,


7. M.O.U. City Commission Meeting

Kerry, Misty and Corey agree to attend.

8. 2017 Little League charter application submits insurance with Trinidad.


1. t-Shirts: Finding best option for pricing

2. Elks club donation of t-shirts tabled until next week pending more information

3. Little league website: Money to purchase URL/site was provided by Josh Wood--to be

reimbursed by Little League. Motion by Kerry Medina, Second by Misty Gomez: Motion Passed

4. Misc:

Jacob Salazar was approved to play minors division. Motion by Misty Gomez, Second by Kerry

Medina: Motion Passed


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