March 20th Minutes

Present: Misty Gomez, Josh Wood, Corey Gomez, Kerry Medina, Robin Salazar, Earnest Salazar, Stephanie Brown, Josh Brown, Greg Grozzo, Johnny Dewitt. 1. Nomination of Josh wood as league president. Motion by Kerry Medina, 2nd By Misty Gomez, None opposed; Motion Carried 2. Nomination of Corey Gomez as league secretary, Motion by Josh Wood, 2nd by Kerry medina, None opposed; Motion Carried 3. Gun Raffle tickets are being sold about half of the 200 tickets are already sold. More info on button machine total cost of machine and supplies before purchase of machine by league. More info about player fundraising and what options are available for cheaper price than Crispy Kreme fundraising of last year. 4. Budget was tabled until next meeting pending the new League president has access to league account. 5. Existing bank account members to be removed from account at Wells Fargo including; Trish Garcia, Earnest Brown. We will have League President Josh Wood, Secretary Corey Gomez and Treasurer Loretta Medina to be added to have access account if unable to update existing account info. After some discussion, there was a motion to close account and move to new account at Washington Federal . Motion by Misty Gomez, Second by Corey Gomez. Opposed by None; Motion Carried 6. Tax return was tabled until next meeting. Loretta Medina getting info about issue. 6. Registration were handed out at Elks basketball games. Close to 200 given out with only 3 returns as of that meeting. Forms will handed out to schools to be passed out to the kids. Digital receipt was talked about for parents that provide valid email account . 7. Junior League: More information on number of players interested after registration deadline. 8. MOU: President Josh Wood is finding information insurance policy to be purchased and provide at next city commission meeting. Contact city hall to added to agenda of next meeting. 9. T-ball Shirts could be provided by Elks Club of Raton. Needed is a letter of request for the t-shirts to be approved at next elks meeting. 10. Mc Donald’s approved the use of their logo for use on new League website. 11. President Josh Wood is gathering Insurance info to be provided for city MOU 12. Sponsor banners to be reused if possible to save cost. A list of last year’s sponsors will be used as a starting point for this year. 13. Adjournment

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