April 26th Meeting Minutes

Raton Little League

Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2017

Present: Misty Gomez, Josh Wood, Corey Gomez, Kerry Medina, Allen Medina, Loretta Medina, Jason Philips, Mike Mattorano, Kerry Medina, Stevie Medina, David Martinez

1. Approval of minutes April 17, 2017 Motion by Misty 2nd by Allen Medina

2. Financial report 14221.51 as of April 17, 2017 at 6:15 pm. Checks for first raffle and charter have not been cash at time of meeting. 2 returned checks so far, cash payment if a check is returned.

3. Fundraising is going to be doughnuts, 2nd raffle is going slower than first. Donation of cow elk Hunt, No amenities.

4. Tax return pending

5. Charter and Insurance is paid for and MOU to use fields was passed by City Commission

6. Sponsors Bruno’s, Raton Pass INN, Leone Sand and Gravel, Edward Jones, San Isabel Electric.

7. Team Uniforms: $7000 Allocated for uniforms Motion by David Martinez, 2nd by Misty, Motion Carried

8. Allocating fund for Opening Ceremonies snack Bar: $1000 to stock snack, Motion by Misty, 2nd by Corey Motion Carried

9. Opening ceremonies has been moved to May 13, 2017

10. Try outs for major boys is set for May 1, 2017 @ 5:30pm with Meeting After

11. Adjournment

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