Current Financials

This may seem a bit overkill, but it has been a week, so we are simply letting everyone know where we are at although not much has changed from last week. Again, it is our heart to be transparent!

May 8- There is a deposit on May 8th and that included some raffle monies as well as some Sr.

League registrations.

May 12- We paid the remainder of our insurance/Charter fees

May 12- We pulled petty cash for our concession stand.

May 13- We bought zip ties to put up the sponsor banners

May 17- we purchased new helmets with masks for our Minor Girls softball teams

May 18- we deposited funds. $800 from raffle, $200 from Sr. League Reg., $100 Sponsorship, $675

from Concession stand sales.

Know that we still have some purchase that will need be done.


Catchers gear for our Sr. League.

We still have some screen printing that has to happen for some teams jersey's.

A couple banners to purchase as well for sponsors.

Anyways, all seems to be moving forward. The games have been challenging for all! It's going to be a good season!

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