Let's Get Caught Up!!

Well folks,

The preparation for this season has been fun, chaotic, overwhelming, and exhausting, but here we are. Rather than posting every meeting and every minute (which are available upon request), i figure you can see where we are now.

First of all, your 2018 Board is:

President - Josh Wood Softball Vice President - Stevie Medina Secretary - Corey Gomez Treasurer - Loretta Medina League Safety Officer - David Martinez League Umpire-in-Chief - Zach Fernandez League Player Agent - Misty Gomez League Fundraiser/Concession Manager - ToniAnn Hernandez League Information Officer - Allen Medina League Coaching Coordinator - Lee Romero

Secondly, we have secured our charter and insurance and obviously have our M.O.U. with the city. We are thankful for our sponsors as they have come through to help us get this season to happen.

Many of you have seen that we had to have a bump in price for Registration. I want you to know that we are still very much competitive with surrounding Little League prices. One reason for such a price hike with T-ball is that we didn't have the needed sponsorship to help cover uniform costs. Here is a breakdown of the cost per child.

-It covers the cost of uniforms which the kids get to keep ($35 per head).

-It also covers insurance and little league charter which are required ($10 per child).

-Then there are Tball/little league patches we are required to have.($3.00 per child).

-The remaining $12 helps us buy updated bats due to regulation change (we bought 1 bat per team), as well as necessary equipment we are having to update like helmets and catchers gear.

-Plus we are required to provide the baseballs/Tball’s which average $30-45 per dozen. Multiply that by 17 teams and one can see how quickly this adds up. Even at $60, we still can’t do all we need to do.

So know that we aren't wanting to simply take your money, we are simply trying to operate at a level that allows us to plan for the future!

That being said we have had a huge success with the cookie dough fundraiser! We don't have all the final numbers in, but it should have brought in close to $14,000 profit for little league!! What does that mean? We are going to move on getting new equipment and hopefully make some necessary updates to facilities around the fields.

I will give you our current financials, but know that we have a bill for about $14k for cookie dough.

Below you will see our current breakdown. Our current balance is $30,189.99.

I wanted to get the invoices for the Amazon orders on here, but Wix isn't playing nice. If you have any question, we are more than willing to share with you what we spend our money on and where. As said before, we have nothing to hide!


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