We Need Board Volunteers

Hey folks,

You probably saw our Facebook post earlier today. We are in serious need of volunteers. We will need coaches for sure and many of them do return, but RLL cannot run without a board. It is legally impossible. Our only other option is to do a city league that starts later and runs through the summer. The only thing with that is that there is no all-stars or tournaments that we would be a part of. It would simply be baseball for the sake of baseball and softball for the sake of softball.

Financially we are okay to move forward with the season if it were to take shape. With simple registration fees, we really wouldn't have to do a fundraiser although it could really set up RLL nice for the future if we did.

After paying for Charter and Insurance, we should have right around $10k in the bank.

Board Positions needed:





Still here are the board members:

Player Agent

Umpire in Chief

Concessions Manager

It has nothing to do with drama or poorly run systems. It simply is becasue the kids/grandkids of the previous board members are no longer in the league. So the board stepped aside for the next wave of volunteers to arise.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested.


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